Will enter in operation the new hotel in Varadero

Gaviota-group tourism announced that through the social media Facebook the entry in operation of the first of two hotels in the Oasis parcel in Varadero.

A total of one thousand ninety eight new capacities will open in the most bigger destiny of Sun and beach of Cuba, with this announcement as a part of the two new hoteliers complex deluxe will receive the visitors if the Spa whose impact recognize as positive the delegate of the tourism Minister in Matanzas Ivis Fernandez Peña, argues the workers new.

The contractor company ARCOS-BBI, the Architecture Project and engineer(EMPAI), the construction brigades of architecture pieces 36 and 47, the basic units of equipment and workshop(EQUIVAR) among others participated in the execution and termination of this pieces that highlight in the entrance of Varadero like a wave of concrete with deluxe view.

The Oasis square captures the attention of  nationals visitors and outsiders a few month ago with gastronomic offers and compatible recreation with the quality of the touristic products of the Hicacos Peninsula.

The increase in offers and services of Varadero with clear example in the opening of this new hotel of deluxe portends a good development of the season rise of the tourism initiated the last November, 15 in Cuba. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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