Cubavision will premiere First Grade, New Cuban TV serie

The Cubavision channel will premiere the next November, 11 in the night a new TV series named First Grade, directed by Rudy Mora focused in the impact of the bad use of the information technology and the communication.

Hyphenated of Eduardo Eimil and a actor distribution as Diany Zerquera, Cesar Dominguez, Amelia Fernandez and Chabely Diaz, together with experienced artist as Veronica Lynn, Ana Gloria Buduen, Luis Angel Batista, Carlos Gonzalvo and Yailene Sierra, the audiovisual include 11 chapters with the topic of the social media, the cybersecurity and cyber bulling.

«In one of the more complex pieces that i realized, because it count with more than 90 actors and around 114 locations, which were difficult in the filming  process because it was development in the pandemic of the COVID-19» stressed the director.

The history of First Grade follow the experiences of Daniela(Diany Zerguera) informatics student in  the Technology University of Havana Jose Antonio Echeverria(CUJAE) when the pictures taken by her friends leak in the social media and it are reason of critics.

The TV series, explain Rudy Mora, is the result of collected experiences wen the connectivity in the country were not reach the actual levels, nevertheless, the result remains in tuning with the recent context. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon 

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