Cocodrilo cubano (Crocodylus rhombifer) Foto: Aliesky Del Rio Leal

Swamp of Zapata: pictures of the second workshop of Nature photographic

From November, 21 to 26 of 2022 its developed the second Nature Photographic Workshop in the  Biosphere Reserve Swamp of Zapata. The moment served to make official the Cuban Club of Photonature.

The workshop was under the auspice of the Company to the Conservation of the Swamp of Zapata belongs to the Business Flora and Fauna Group. The Cuban society of zoological and its section of Photonature.

In this workshop were taught talks and conferences about the nature value of Cuba and specifically The Swamp of Zapata, the professor Rosendo Martinez boarded the importance of the Photographic with the tools to the tourism promotion of the tourism of nature and adventure.

«Several Photographers with experience in the topic share their knowledge about the photographic of nature, the technique and the ethics in the development of activities in protected area. They were visited important places of ecologic interest as, the shelter of fauna Bermejas, the sheet of Soplillar, Las Salinas de Brito among others, were the participant made hundreds of instantaneous of high quality».

The pictures of the workshop will be donate by its author to the Company for the Protection of the Zapata Swamp,  to its use in the promotion of the natural value and touristic promotion campaign.

Moment of close was the presentation of the book of the Editorial House South Ocean Nature in Cuba, Photo book of the authorship of Sandy Leon de Armas. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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