Keep Surart7 in Jagüey Grande

Since its inauguration in September 2022, the SurArte 7 Cinematographic Cultural Center has become an essential space for recreation and culture in Jagüey Grande.

Maylin Medina Galindo, a programmer from that institution, highlights the recent opening of the Video Room, a space that has been needed by the public in this territory for many years.

“On Surarte7 mix harmonically all the artistic manifestation as the music, the dance and the plastic arts, but we need a video room to make complete sent to our social objective”, he reflected  

During this weekend are projected movies to the teenager and young public, and also films to the most little one of house, a segment always is present in the programing of activities

The Video Room also premiered at the beginning of March the Cuban film Oscuros Amores, the latest proposal by director Gerardo Chijona, which exposes three stories of love and death throughout a Havana night. The public from Jagüey enjoyed this film, performed by an excellent cast made up of actors Isabel Santos, Osvaldo Doimeadios, Luis Alberto García (son), Carlos Enrique Almirante, Yeny Soria and Aramis Delgado, among others.

The SurArte 7 Cinematographic Cultural Center is a local development project that has become one of the main spaces for recreation, culture and gastronomy in this territory south of Matanzas. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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