Municipal Assembly of People’s Power is held in Colón

The Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Colón, in its 4th ordinary session corresponding to the eighteenth term of office, analyzes various issues of interest to the territory, chaired by Tamara Carvajal Domínguez.

On the results of the electoral process, the delegates exchanged from the presentation presented by the vice president of the municipal Electoral Commission, Modesto Hernández Vaillán, cataloged as a victory of the people to which a recognition was dedicated for reaching more than 85% of voter attendance. to the polls

Other topics analyzed were attention to the proposals of the population and compliance with the 2022 Budget, as well as the main deficiencies related to its execution, efficiency levels and the contribution of new economic actors.

The keep Commotion of the Municipal Assemble of Education, Culture, and sports starting of the inform presented value the result on this sectors and the proposal to perfect the activities that contribute to the heal recreation agree with the interest of the different age group from the programing on neighborhood and communities. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon     


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