Delivery ambassador of China on Cuba a donate of Food to Matanzas

The ambassador of China in Cuba. Most excellent Mr Ma Hui, realized a visit to the province of Matanzas to make effective a donate of food to the territory. Next to the vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the island, Deborah Rivas Saavedra, the diplomatic sign the contract and official reception.

The aid consisted of hundreds of tanks of sunflower and corn oil as well as canned tuna, sardines, beef and pork. More than 23 education and health centers were benefited in order to improve nutrition.

This was confirmed by the delegation during a visit to the Provincial Maternity Hospital. There they exchanged with managers, doctors and service workers about the usefulness of these supplies in the care of maternal patients.


The tour included the supertanker base in the industrial zone of the city of Matanzas, affected by a large fire last August. The Chinese ambassador appreciated the reconstruction work and the efforts of various entities and agencies to restore functionality to their areas.

The National Museum of the Slave Route, based in the San Severino Castle, was part of the agenda of Chinese visitors to Matanzas. In this site of high historical significance, they approached the values ​​of African and Cuban culture and the traces of slavery in our identity. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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