Solidarity arrives at the Matanzas Pediatric Hospital  

The Evangelical Theology Seminary donated electrical equipment to the Eliseo Noel Caamaño Provincial Pediatric Hospital.

The delivery included four one-ton split type air conditioners and a heater for the different areas of the hospital. Three of the air conditioning units will be installed in the room for chronic and malnourished patients, while the rest will be located in the X-ray service.

Photo: From the author.
Photo: From the author.

Dr. José Hernández Hernández, director of the Matanzas Pediatric Hospital, highlighted the high human value of the donations. He also pondered the real utility for all the medical personnel of the institution.

“We are used to the solidarity gestures of the Seminary, because during the pandemic stage its center functioned as a hospital due to the increase in positive cases. Due to the very difficult moment we are experiencing, this contribution stands out even more, which will help the comfort of patients and families”, Hernández Hernández highlighted.

The Matanzas Evangelical Theology Seminary has served as a training school for pastors and religious leaders since its foundation in 1946.

The Provincial Pediatric Hospital is undergoing a remodeling process without stopping its operation. Photo: From the author.

«For more than 75 years, the Seminary has maintained its vocation of social assistance. We participate in agricultural work, we distribute filtered water to the community and this donation is part of our relationship with health institutions, said Carlos Emilio Ham Stanard, rector of the Seminary.

The donation is part of the constructive maintenance that the health entity in charge of the construction mipyme La Roca lives today.

As the only ecumenical theological training institution in Cuba, the Seminary is affiliated with the Latin American and Caribbean Community for Ecumenical Theological Education (CETALC), along with the Cuban Council of Churches.

Supported by a high social commitment in Matanzas, the Seminary maintains diakonia relations with the school for blind and visually impaired children, the home for children without filial protection, various children’s circles in the city and the Memorias project for Alzheimer‘s patients.

By Carlos Manuel Bernal López 
Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández

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