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Advancement Program for Women in Unión de Reyes

As part of the activities planned for the five decades of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Cuba, the workers of the sector in Unión de Reyes deploy joint actions with the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) towards the empowerment of women from the defense of legality.

Odelyn Benítez Prado, Chief Municipal Prosecutor, emphasized that they prioritize attention to victims of crimes or violence of any kind, as well as monitoring other potentially vulnerable sectors.

Benítez Prado specified the need that still exists to promote education with gender approaches in families within the Unionense communities.

The prosecutor’s office in Unión de Reyes has created the rules and strategies to follow together with the FMC. They also offer workshops, such as family dynamics and others for the protection of these sectors.

“We have a mission externally and internally. Externally, because we prevent and confront all types of violence and internally, because our human resources must be sensitized to these issues to learn to identify them when we serve citizens, and precisely that has been one of the objectives of this meeting: to raise awareness.

There are many actions aimed at achieving greater comprehensiveness and effectiveness in the prevention and elimination of manifestations of discrimination against women,” he highlighted.

The objective of the Women’s Advancement Program lies in equal rights, opportunities and possibilities, and maintains the fight against discrimination and violence in all its manifestations as transversal axes. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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