In sight, new school year in Matanzas

A total of 103,252 students from Matanzas will return to classrooms this September 4, when the 2023-2024 school year begins, the first after two years of affectations due to covid-19, to resume normality with 46 school weeks in which that the processes of the different levels of education will occur in a coherent and planned manner.

Matanzas education will have for this school period 529 educational institutions including day care centers, primary schools, secondary schools, pre-university schools, Special, Pedagogical, Trade, Professional Technical Education and youth and adult education.

In addition, it will have 24 facilities, including 10 Pioneer Palaces, 11 Pioneer Explorer Centers and 3 Homes without family protection.

Addys Martínez Bernal, deputy general director of Education in the province, told Girón that there are centers in the Matanzas municipality that will not start the course due to construction situations, which is why it has been necessary to relocate their enrollment to other schools.

This is the case of the José Antonio Echeverría elementary school, whose students were relocated to the Manuel Ascunce Domenech and Abraham Lincoln elementary schools and to the Ramón Mathieu Basic High School; and the Mis Primeras Alegrías Children’s Circle. Your children will attend this period in La Edad de Oro, Tacita de Oro, Saltarines del 2000 and Amiguitos de Nicaragua.

Regarding the coverage of teaching staff, the official specified that 88.27% is covered. “It may be that in a few days it will increase based on the actions that we carry out from the Provincial Directorate of Education, together with the Department of Pedagogical Training, the Pedagogical School and educational levels of the municipality of Matanzas so that fourth-year students of the different specialties accompany us, with the guidance of a tutor, in the classrooms where a teacher is needed.

“Also with the vice rectory of the University, it was evaluated so that fourth and fifth year students are located in the educational levels of secondary, pre-university, ETP and to locate teachers in the Provincial Pedagogical School,” added Martínez Bernal.

Regarding the material base of study and life, he specified that the resources are available, although they are awaiting the implementation of the third improvement of Education that will take place in this course.

The necessary texts are guaranteed from early childhood to the education of young people and adults, with greater difficulties in pre-university and high school, where in the case that so requires, one book will be located for every two students.

“In elementary school there are also situations with second and fifth grade reading texts, but the books will be rearranged so that all children are protected, with a significant look at those who present difficulties, do not have expired objectives or are repeating . The rest of the students, in case it is necessary to use one by two, the diagnosis of each child is taken into account”.

During this course, special attention will be paid to indicators such as teaching coverage, comprehensive attention to Education workers, the educational teaching process, preventive educational work with an emphasis on families in vulnerable situations, ideological political work and the process constructive maintenance to schools.

Martínez Bernal added that during these days activities have been carried out to beautify and prepare the educational centers and that the acts of beginning of the course constitute expressions of joy and reaffirmation, where families, workers and students can share that day, in which Society is rearranged, as the school year begins.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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