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Grandma Fefa

Your white hair shows so much wisdom. Your sight is no longer the same as it was in previous years and your ears hear so far away that I must speak loudly so that you can understand the intention of my words.

I cannot answer your questions with gestures. I must speak to you clearly and closely. It seems that time has gone backwards. I remember when I was a child, you had to repeat the words to me over and over again to understand them better.

You don’t know me like anyone else. Just by hearing my voice and looking into my eyes, you know how bad I am. And you still think I’m a girl and maybe you haven’t realized how much I’ve grown.

Grandma is one of those who asks everything and calls to find out how the work day has been and to ask if it will be long before she returns home. She is aware of everything and leaves behind teachings every day to be better, educated and a good woman every day.

Grandma advises, pampers and scolds. And when I try to make a mistake or he thinks I’m making a mistake, he reminds me that no one is punished by someone else’s head and the blows make me stronger.

With you I learned that you don’t need to have the same blood ties for your family, to wash your hands when I get home from work, to clean properly, to have your own decision and to do housework in the mornings.

You exercise your mind so as not to suffer from dementia, although on many occasions you tend to call me by the first name you remember. It doesn’t matter how many times I have to repeat the same name to you or serve as your guide, bathe, perfume yourself and paint your lips as you prefer after showering.

Your wrinkled and deformed hands due to the arthritis and osteoarthritis that you suffer from do not prevent you from cooking meals and desserts with that exquisite flavor, however you have to make a lot of effort due to the pain you suffer.

Grandma Fefa insists that he learn to cook. My response to your statement, -it is never too late to learn.

The years do not pass in vain and demonstrate their experience. For me it is lucky to have her and despite the years she sets new goals for herself.

You are still Fefa, with the tender, happy, understanding and loving smile.

For this reason, I appreciate the patience, tenderness and understanding in current times of this youth that is nothing like yours.

Grandparents are an important part of our lives. The traces they leave behind are indelible for their descendants. Therefore, any date can be a reason to show you how important they are to the lives of your grandchildren and your family. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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