Begins modalities in the technique teaching linked to the medical science

The technique teaching and professional begins a new school period in Matanzas. Career as nursing and vigilance and antibacterial add up to the modalities that begins linked to the medical science.

Erika Suarez Hernandez and Leroy Garcia Vazquez are students of first year of vigilance and antivectorial fight. Both have many expectation and about all the desire of learn from the class room with the accompaniment of their teachers. The own nervousness of the beginnings allowed them speak little, thought the enough to know about the reception n the center and the initial days of the new stage.

In the case of nursing, the tuition exceed 300 students of the different population. This modalities have a duration of 3 and half years and the students can complete the classes with practices activities. The MsC Yaquelin Diaz Allon, boss of the carer  of nursing in the population, comment that the students realize this week the introductory course.

«The fundamental activities that are going to have is the integral project of educative work were it is going to characterize the brigade, and the same time have others activities as the analyze of the teaching regulations. They are going to interchange with personalities of the carer on each territory to work in the motivation topic and the retention for the necessity that Matanzas have in relation with the nursing personal».

The specialty of antivectorial fight prepare to the students in the showdown to the arboviruses in the province, with the accompaniment of a specialized  teacher cloister. The MsC Reina Portillo Hernandez, coordinator of this carer explain that in the same way have a duration of three years and half.

«The three firs years are face to face and are going to receive all the theory in the class room. We initiates the course in two groups with 20 students each one and the cloister is guaranteed with a high rigor  and school preparation». 

The modalities of nursing and vigilance and antivectorial fight from the technique and professional teaching teaching open the way to the future specialization of the students who can to opt for the degree from the University of Medical Science of Matanzas. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Eliane Táboas Merino

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