Awarding of university degrees begins

Once the process of entrance exams was concluded, the University of Matanzas began the granting of university careers and new training programs at the level of Higher Education of short cycle in the territory.

Divided into four stages, the process gradually aims to deliver the university careers throughout the month of November depending on the plan of places and prioritizing those students who passed one of the exams.

Around 614 students have already enrolled in careers such as Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Civil, Industrial, Mechanics and in the Bachelor’s Degrees in Law, Sociocultural Management for Development and Physical Culture, according to Karel Martín Suárez, head of the Department of Admission and Job Placement at the University of Matanzas.


Martín Suárez also expressed that the University of Matanzas for the upcoming school year wants to guarantee a better preparation of its students, as well as to meet the needs and labor demands of the Yumurian territory.

He announced that during this month the aptitude tests will be held for eleventh grade students who wish to enter the different university colleges. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Carlos Javier Prado Porcena

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