Vocational training towards a career in law is promoted

As part of the activities in salute to the five decades of the Attorney General’s Office, workers in the field in Unión de Reyes held the open house event at the territory’s urban pre-university institute.

Odelyn Benítez Prado, chief municipal prosecutor, explained to the twelfth grade students the profile of the law career, the institutional centers where they can practice once they graduate, the curriculum and the main subjects taught.

The law degree introduces students to the world of law and its strict enforcement. It also offers the possibility of defending the interests of the State and people in vulnerable situations and the exercise of criminal and public action.

The open-door exercise is not only an initiative of all those involved in the process, but also of students and the family in general so that the future university student can enter the different professional profiles and can choose a career according to their preferences. On many occasions, events like these are an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of the Cuban legal system in the children and from the educational centers to know the talent of the students. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Roxana Valdés Isasi

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