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They contribute to food sovereignty in the UEB Frank País

The Frank País Breeding Base Business Unit in the municipality of Martí has ​​more than 3,600 pigs and 336 breeding stock destined to provide meat for the national balance and by-products for municipal self-sufficiency.

In their efforts to diversify their productions and improve attention to workers, they use almost 3 hectares of land to grow cassava, bananas, beans, okra and cucumber for self-consumption.

The unit also has a machine to make sugar cane used to feed the workers and the breeders, with the aim of improving milk production in the latter.

As another of the center’s projects, they are working on preparing an area that includes two caballerias of land for planting cassava and soybeans in order to ensure their own animal feed. In addition, they allocate a lagoon to fish breeding and thus be able to increase the protein in the feed provided by the State.

Within the UEB they have a livestock module where rabbits, poultry and livestock grow, which also promotes workers’ self-consumption.

As another of the potentialities of Frank País, they work on rescuing the biodigester project that guarantees the unit’s electricity and also contributes to the National Electroenergy System. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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