They celebrate in Matanzas the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the circles

The Estrellitas Rojas children’s day care center in the city of Matanzas hosted the celebration for the 63rd anniversary of the creation of these educational institutions in Cuba.

Happy faces, broad smiles and a lot of joy from the children, family members and educators marked the day.

The presence of authorities from the Municipal Directorate of Education in Matanzas served to recognize people, centers and municipalities with outstanding work in the territory aimed at the preparation of infants.

Between dances, poetry, a musical band and other cultural activities, the celebration took place in a reference institution for early childhood education, such as the Estrellitas Rojas nursery school.

Some educators, directors and parents expressed their satisfaction with the operation of this type of educational institution where children learn from a young age and also find a family.

Daycare centers in the province of Matanzas contribute to the formation of habits, customs and values among the little ones at home as the first step in their future educational formation.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Eliane Taboas

Acerca Casterman Medina de León

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