Evento Conexos en Jardín de Pelusín del Monte en Matanzas.

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The Conexos event brought together various enterprises this month in the Pelusín del Monte Garden, in the city of Matanzas. Headed by El Hilo de Arianna, the well-known entrepreneurship fair was attended by RosAnn, LeeLeen Art, Creaciones es Geidy, AN-DREA and others.

“I started about a year ago and I work together with my friend. I dedicate myself to making earrings and she does the rest of the accessories such as necklaces and bracelets,” said Arleen Dianet Matamoros Morales, creator of LeeLeen Art.

Artículos de LeeLeen Art y RosAnn en feria de emprendimientos Conexos.

The young woman from Matanzas described her experience at the fair as a propitious moment to share with other entrepreneurs, learn about their work and make her own known. In addition, the event provides them with the opportunity to interact with their customers in person, since they mostly sell on social networks.

Originally, it was planned to establish the fair in the Mederos Gallery-Workshop, in Narváez, according to Arianna Talavera Álvarez, organizer of the fair.

“Then Pelusín offered us the possibility of holding it here as part of a larger event, Conexos, an event that lasts all day,” he added.

Artículos de El Hilo de Arianna en feria de emprendimientos Conexos.

The purpose of the fair is to provide a place for businesses that lack one. Once a month, these creators have a physical space in which to make themselves known and interact with other entrepreneurs.

“That’s what Conexos is all about: bringing together startups and artists to create a network of promotion,” said the creator of El Hilo de Arianna.

The Conexos event concluded in the evening with a masquerade party in the Pelusín del Monte Garden, where the members of the Gypsy Clover performed a tribute to the renowned British musician Freddy Mercury. (ALH)


Artículos de AN-DREA en feria de emprendimientos Conexos.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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