Los Círculos Infantiles de Camagüey continúan abiertos con estricta observancia sanitaria ante la Covid-19, a fin de proteger a los niños que asisten a la institución. Cuba, 9 de octubre de 2020. ACN FOTO/Rodolfo BLANCO CUÉ/sdl

Perform grants positions to children circles in Matanzas

In Matanzas perform the processes of grants of the children circles license plates agree with the current capacity in those educative centers.

Ivonne Gonzales Alonso, provincial boss of the first childhood, explained what is analyzed the priority by organism, were stand out the health sector and educational, the group changes and transfers, a  process overall with the workers central of Cuba in the territory.

«The nominal relation will be published in the 69 educative institution  and the municipal direction. This year wee will grant more than 1000 positions that contemplate the children with edge of  12 to 18 months», assured Gonzalez Alonso

To the grade 22-23 correspond locate the children in the group that correspond to the next born year.

  .2nd year of life: children born in the year 2021
  .3rd year of life: children born in the year 2020
  .4th year of life: children born in the year 2019
  .5th year of life: children born in the year 2018
  .6th year of life: children born in the year 2017

The directive explained that in maintenance  remain the circle «My first joys» of the popular council of Versalles. In this 2022 increased two institutions, one in Cardenas and the other in Long beach approaches of the settlers

In the theme of the childhood little houses, the provincial boss of the First Childhood confirmed they are working in this variant of educative education. (AGB) (ALH)


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