Recorrieron autoridades gubernamentales de Matanzas el municipio de Perico.
Recorrieron autoridades gubernamentales de Matanzas el municipio de Perico.

Government authorities visited Perico

As part of the strategy of attention to the municipalities, government authorities from Matanzas visited the territory of Perico.

The delegation was concerned about the current situation of the main services provided to the population, including the Family Care System.

Mario Sabines Lorenzo, Governor of Matanzas, highlighted on his Twitter account the accompaniment made to the Mipymes Oasis and Florería Gilberto for the preparation of the cost sheets.

In the same way, they exchanged on those aspects that will make it possible to improve the quality of their services.

In the El Roque community they reached the homes of families in vulnerable conditions. Among the benefits received by the latter are subsidies, monetary benefits, supplies; as well as food and cooking modules.

At the Martín Morúa rural school, the government authorities who visited Perico shared with the group, which showed signs of discipline, culture of detail and commitment to the education and training of new generations.

Perico, an eminently agricultural municipality, covers an area of ​​278.38 square kilometers. This represents 2.4% of the province, which is why it occupies the thirteenth place in territorial extension. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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