Died Rolando Estevez

Rolando Stevez Jordan has gone, with many creative year that still recreating in the place were he leave. He´s gone, the poet, promoter, the painter, the performance, the scenic designer and graphic, that worked in the most of our groups and also with Buendia. Estevez, that is the image of Vigia and the founder of of the El Fortin, to whose architecture offer his spirit.

Estevez, the restless and the unstoppable, one of most complete among us, a man that walk illuminating by his esthetic each space that he make front, and subvert with his lucidity and his acuity, the poet that wove words and images, powerful, tell uric, that to see, read of listen shuddered and will do forever.

The poet, that rise on the twilight in the city he loved and had inside, inside him and in his blood, to write verse, next to the ghost of Milanes and all his lineage of hallucinated poets that walked with him by his street, on the park, next to the lobed river, to he singed in the city of bloody name, that he want to call Bellamar.


Fragment of his piece as designer that expose in the walls of the house of the Scenic Memory, His calligraphy, his strokes, his sends of space and the dramatic expressive of his reinvention of the scenic. Multi award with expo on several places of the world with his beautiful books, as spark in scattered shelves, with his verse that radiate, his poems and Cuban literature.

Estevez will become the darkness in a long way with his piece, in which to the end or at beginnings, as a moon or a sun, will be his on oil lamp to that he can be guided the people, to that can find him in the firmament and guide us on his transcendence.

That the light be with you, that that light take a bath in the water of the springs, the rivers and the bay; that opens the door and windows and accompanied him.

Us, here, we will admire his performance, the fire, the expo of the beauty. Ulises Rodriguez Fables, principal of the House of the Scenic Memory                

                                                                                                                                                                   Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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