They celebrate an event for the anniversary of the start of the Battle of Ideas

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24 years have passed since December 6 when grandmothers, mothers and dozens of Cardenas residents united to claim the child Elián, then kidnapped in Miami. Today again in the flag city they returned to the streets to remember the event, and the claim this time was against the policy of the US government that maintains a criminal blockade against Cuba, hardened with more than 200 measures that try to surrender an entire nation.

It was also demanded that the Antillean nation be removed from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, and the march was led by Elián González Broton, accompanied by political and government leaders from the province of Matanzas and the municipality of Cardenense. The FEEM members in the territory joined in and celebrated a new anniversary of the creation of their student organization.

The march concluded in front of the Battle of Ideas Museum, where several students received membership cards from the Union of Young Communists and the Federation of High School Students was recognized for its 53rd anniversary.

The tribute was paid to the members of the Youth Technical Brigades, which also celebrate their anniversary. The voices of the students were raised to demonstrate the commitment to continue the path traced by the heroes and martyrs of the Homeland, and as in previous years, the activity concluded with the celebration of the birthday of Elián, who arrives this December 6 at his 30th birthday. and he does it together with his family and people who fought for his return to Cuba 24 years ago. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Alexei McIntosh

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