What is planned at CTE Antonio Guiteras for the end of the year?

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About to complete the month online, the Antonio Guiteras thermal power plant in Matanzas remains stable at over 270 MW, at a time when managers and workers are finalizing details for a brief stop of corrections after the synchronization of Felton Uno, in the next few hours.

Engineer Román Pérez Castañeda, technical director of the largest unit block on the island, specified that the scheduled stop should not exceed 72 hours and would only be carried out after checking the online stability of the Holguín unit and depending on the evolution of the electrical energy system. national.

This maintenance would guarantee the permanence of the Guiteras network in the final days and beginning of next year, explained Pérez Castañeda, who announced that the expected capital maintenance is scheduled for October 2024.

The specialist indicated that when the time comes and for a period of no less than 90 days, the boiler will be thoroughly intervened, an effort that will mark the critical route, although improvements will be made to the automation, electrical system and auxiliary equipment.

This is a million-dollar investment, but essential to ensure that the Matanzas thermal power plant remains online for ninety days, with a generation that is around 280 megawatts and low specific fuel consumption. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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