Visual identities revealed for the Cuban Baseball Elite League

The National Baseball Commission announced, the visual identities of the teams that will animate the I Cuban Elite Baseball League, scheduled for October 8th.

A chromatic range has been established for each team, namely Tobacco Growers (green), Port Workers (blue and brown), Centrals (orange), Ranchers (blue and yellow), Farmers (green and brown) and Coffee Growers (black and red).

In addition, the uniform designs for each team were presented, created in conjunction with the TeamMate brand, which provides service to the event and sponsors the island’s national teams.

On this occasion, each team will have two home club kits, predominantly white (1) and gray (2), and a visitor kit in the colors of their identity.

Travel, lounge and training clothing will be common for all teams this time, based on the colors blue, gray and black with the visual identity of the event incorporated.

The creative work, developed in a very short time due to production demands, was carried out by the Inder communication team in coordination with TeamMate. Its designer was the young Ariel Pérez Zayas, with previous experiences in this area.

As is known, the process and the selection of team names was very controversial for the fans, so this First Elite League will serve as an experiment in this regard.

This means that during its celebration, a study will be carried out to make the necessary adjustments for the second edition of the contest.(LJR)

Taken from Jit

Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández 

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