Territorial Defense Day Held

As part of the actions of the Territorial Defense Day, Cárdenas carried out the change of command of Defense Zone 02, belonging to the People’s Foundry Council. The responsibility of president of the Zone was assumed by Marcial Fernández Zulueta.

The president of the municipal body, Zaid, Javier Díaz Méndez, emphasized the preparation of the personnel since peacetime, while insisting on the completion of the structures.

Similarly, in the Zeopónico de Cárdenas, the authorities of the municipality checked the progress of the preparation of two dormitories, with capacity for about one hundred combatants of the Youth Army of Labor, which will soon carry out agricultural work there.

The construction work is carried out by the MSME Soluciones Integrales. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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