Priority attention to the population in the Prosecutor’s Office of Unión de Reyes

Attending, processing and responding to complaints is a priority for the workers of the Prosecutor’s Office in Unión de Reyes.

Odelyn Benítez Prado, head of the body in the municipality, said that the prosecutor has a term of 60 days from the presentation to attend, investigate and respond to the complaints, petitions and denunciations that in the legal order formulate citizens, regardless of the channel in which it was presented.

Benítez Prado stressed that there is an experienced appointed prosecutor who offers direct treatment to the population’s proposals, as well as the response or guidance that is appropriate in the legal order.

“Several claims have been processed so far this year. The unionenses have filed complaints on criminal and labor matters, disagreement with the application of disciplinary measures, provisions on guardianship and care, administrative matters, and housing issues or derived from the application of the system of contraventions and in agrarian matters,” insisted the young prosecutor from Union. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Roxana Valdés Isasi

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