Announce third edition of the Josone, Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival

The Cuban resort city of Varadero prepares conditions such as light design and lighting assemblies in order to successfully host the third edition of the Josone, Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival.

The event, to be held from August 21 to 27, will be attended by more than 20 musical groups from Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States, Venezuela and Cuba united with the purpose of demonstrating the values ​​of culture in the largest in the Antilles and the 330th anniversary of the founding of the city of Matanzas.

According to the site, the head of the Parque Josone Rafael Rivero, the main actions in the installation are aimed at organizing the lighting system, preparing it not only for the Festival but for any other high-volume program that takes place in center.

In addition, projections linked to the gastronomic offers are added, which on this occasion will combine the services of the establishment’s restaurants with the various forms of economic management existing in the country, he added.

Rivero pointed out that it works under the premise of providing an attractive proposal which exceeds previous presentations to guarantee the enjoyment of spectators and stressed that other details of the event will be specified in future dates with Issac Delgado, prominent Cuban musician and president of the organizing committee. .

The Josone, Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival promotes diverse musical enjoyment in direct contact with nature with rhythms such as timba, jazz, son, rumba, salsa and elements of Afro-Cuban and urban music.

For the third time, Cuba will hold the aforementioned event, with which it will demonstrate once again the Cuban musical talent and its abilities as a country that organizes events that combine culture with the natural benefits of Varadero as a tourist destination. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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