They make investments to improve the water supply in the city of Matanzas

The hydraulic infrastructure of Matanzas is the subject of several investments that improve the water supply to the population of the main city.

With the acquisition of new pumping equipment, others that have been in operation for many years are replaced. According to Yensy Guedes Díaz, General Director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Company, “16 pumping equipment is already in the territory and the figure of 34 must be completed. This has allowed a positive impact on the water supply to the population and also an increase in water volumes, which is very favorable. The Naranjal Operations Center is an example of this.”

“We recently managed to restore the Canímar 3 pumping station, in the Canímar well field. This supplies the Playa area, Reparto Reynold García and the Gelpi area,” added Guedes Díaz.

Other stations that improve their capacities are Bello and El Conde. The latter serves nearly 20 thousand inhabitants. Along with this, the change of energy matrix is developed in small stations, which ensures stability in the service and reduces energy consumption. The equipment is hybrid, so it has dual functionality. 
“This credit also includes the entry of horizontal pumping equipment, such as perage tank, concrete, industrial zone and others,” said the director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Company.
Matanzas presents stability in water pumping in recent days. Work must be done to shorten pipe distribution cycles, and to do so, management must be intentional. (ALH)
Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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