Jagueyenses authorities exercise their right to vote

This March 26 its develop in all the country the election to deputies to the Cuban Parlay, In Jaguey Grande from the first hours of the morning the electoral college opens its doors in a historic working day to the Cuban Democracy

The first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Party, Iván Martínez Izquierdo, was one of the first who, together with his people, gave their yes to the Revolution in their electoral college.

“I voted for our deputies to the National Assembly, for Fidel, for our people, for the homeland, for the Cuban Revolution, for our Socialism, because I have a thousand reasons to vote for Cuba,” he said on the social network Twitter.

Dania Hernandez Leon, president of the Electoral Council Municipal, pointed that with total attachment to the Cuban Electoral Law, initiated today the elections in the territory.

“The dynamic test carried out last Sunday served to verify not only the assurances, but also the knowledge of the electoral authorities. On this historic day, the 134 schools opened without setbacks, with more than 44,000 registered voters.

Hernandez Leon explained that the candidates must to get more than 50% of the valid votes to be chosen as deputies to the National Assemble of the Popular Power

“The Candidates are representations of the people, chosen by and for the people”, said

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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