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They extend the useful life of parts for the harvest

Innovations that are being applied today in the Mario Muñoz and Jesús Sablón (Rabí) sugar mills, in the province of Matanzas, contribute to prolonging the useful life of parts and components that are decisive to take on the upcoming harvest, and save resources.

Jorge Pablo Santana Hernández, director of the agro-industrial sugar company Mario Muñoz, located in the municipality of Los Arabos, said that improvements are being implemented in the technical standards for the adjustment of the steel pebble (shaft) of the masses of the windmills against bronze pillow blocks.

This creative solution, conceived by two young engineers, makes it possible to extend the time of use of expensive elements, such as imported steel pebbles, and pillow blocks, the latter are bronze pieces and each one can be worth half a million pesos, he explained.

Santana Hernández said that the work of innovators is particularly necessary and beneficial in times of scarcity of material and financial resources, in order to fulfill the productive commitments of Mario Muñoz, the last one built by the Revolution in Cuba.

Despite the difficulties this year, we decided to work very hard to be in better conditions for the harvest, especially with the recovery of pieces, and in this sense the improvements introduced can have a significant impact in terms of savings, he said.

Orlando Vandrell, provincial director of Coordination and Supervision of the AZCUBA group in Matanzas, said that at the Rabí plant, located in the municipality of Calimete, an innovator modified the blades of the combine to counteract blockages caused by weeds.

The planting of sugarcane to guarantee the fundamental raw material and the repairs in three plants in the territory are some of the priority actions being carried out in the western territory in view of the start of the sugar harvest next December. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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