Cuban Archivist’s Day to be celebrated in Matanzas

On November 3, the Saúl Vento Almohalla Provincial Award will be presented, as part of the celebrations for the Day of the Cuban Archivist.

The prize awarded for outstanding results in the conservation and preservation of documentary heritage and the rescue of historical memory, will be awarded to the Provincial Historical Archive and the Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage. Odalis Medina de Armas will be recognized for her work and career in this profession.

At the event, which will take place in the White Room in Matanzas, the Preserving History contest will also be awarded, whose main objective is to highlight the importance of institutions as historical or corporate memory and the identity of the people of Matanzas.

Every November 3 we celebrate the National Day of the Cuban Archivist, instituted in commemoration of the official appointment, in 1922, of Joaquín Llaverías Martínez, an illustrious figure who was a Captain of the Liberation Army and director of the National Archive of Cuba.

Llaverías Martínez is considered the most outstanding promoter of archival activity in the country, a writer and researcher who dedicated 58 years of his life to the conservation and dissemination of the stationery of this Cuban institution. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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