Matanzas prepares for the next harvest

Repairs in the industries and the planting of sugarcane stand out among the conditions that the Cuban province of Matanzas is preparing for the upcoming sugar campaign, scheduled to begin next December.

The Mario Muñoz and Jesús Rabí Agroindustrial Companies will be in charge of carrying out the campaign in the territory, which are inserted within the 25 in the country that will carry out the process in order to achieve acceptable volumes of sugar production.

According to the website the incorporation of some thirty workers from the Mexico power plant to Mario Muñoz, who will contribute to improving the current indicator of repairs to more than 80 percent, stands out among the actions undertaken in recent dates in the colossus.

With regard to the planting of sugarcane, the greatest efforts are directed to the units of the Mario Muñoz Agroindustrial Sugar Company, with emphasis on replanting and cultural attention to each of the plantations.

The site points out that during recent visits by the highest authorities of the province to the centers, the attention to men, the organization of labor collectives by areas and brigades, the signing of the code of ethics and compliance with the plan for protection and confrontation with crime and the diversification of productions become aspects analyzed in pursuit of the success of the harvest.

Matanzas aspires to meet the plan of 35 thousand tons of sugar planned, of which a significant percent will be allocated to the delivery of sugar from the regulated family basket in the province by 2024. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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