Alexander Rodriguez, more than a designer

Maybe for some turn out impressive the fact that a Cuban Fashion designer represent our country on the recently conclude Third International week of Fashion of the Thai campus.

However, to Alexander Rodriguez Castellanos that is no more than achievement on his glasses. The outstanding designer from Matanzas sticks out as one of the artist more recognized inside the design world of fashion in Cuba.

The use of techniques as the crochet, framed on canvas and the Textil paint endorses his participation on this edition of the prestigious contest.

«Was a big happiness can represent to Cuba on the Third International Week of Thai Fashion Silk, without a doubt, is a honor to make part of this event that made together more than 60 designer of the world».

«In my collection of 6 dresses I try to tell a history of the silk rout and revere the national flower of Thailand», declared Rodriguez Castellanos.

Since his entry to the Cuban Assoziation of Artisans and Artist in the year 1999, Alexander works to gift to us his art, particular vision of dressing in the contemporaneity.

The creditor of the Craft Mastery awarded by the Cuban Found of Cultural Estate, the special prime in the category of Grand Dressing in the provincial event of Business Group Design and Craft in Matanzas, and the awards UNEAC, ACAA and Hermanos Saiz Association, expressed that he is waiting for to participate in the in coming fourth edition of the dating event in Thailand. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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