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Will include sport glories in the hall of fame of the Palmar de Junco

Four ex base ball players and glories of the cuban sport will be include next in the hall of fame of the Palmar de Junco Stadium in the city of Matanzas.

From the announcement thrown in the press media and sport rocks, a quartet of recognized figures of the national sport will arrive to the lofty place.

According to transcendence today in a conference of press, Pedro Luis Lazo will access to the place of immortals with a total of 15 votes of the chosen committee, mean weal Pedro Chavez 14, Osmani Urrutia  14 and Sol Miguel Cuevas will do too, this last one home run hitter from Camaguey and one of the batters with bigger strength on the first national series, by direct selection and unanimous of the veteran committee.

Alfredo Santana, historian and writer of the base ball, informed that in the seventh exaltation planned to the next February, they will homologous the 84 cuban players include in others similar scenery of the world with which the hall of fame Palmar de Junco will arrive the number of 157 immortals.


In the mean time the conclave its recognized that the ceremony of incorporation of this figures will happen the next February, 6 on the dated hall, in the mythical Palmar de Junco, which one will celebrated on this working day the anniversary 148 of the first official game of base ball in Cuba. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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