Present a book about Rumba woman in the hermitage of Monserrate

Rumba woman from Matanzas: a sing in the memory, is the tittle of the book that make visible the role of the females on the realization of this musical gender.

The hermitage of Monserrate served as location to the presentation of the volume that realized a count of the social economic and cultural context in which arose the popular African dance of the XIX century. The investigation of the author Roxana M. Coz Testar made the reconstruction of the women life more featured in the history of the Rumba in Matanzas.

«Is a book that try to register part of the history and the tradition of women that inside the rumba have had a great relevance, not only in the preservation, also too in the diffusion of the gender», claimed Coz Testar

The editorial EachOthersEdition of Miami published the fruit of the investigation of the author‘s undergraduate enriched after with her master thesis.

By other side, Miguel Angel Garcia Velasco, principal ethnovisual project Afrokuba presented the documentary dedicate to the arise of the association of Rumba Women of the province.

«Matanzas has a peculiarity: the women‘s, apart of make lucumi music, of stick, also are from the Rumba and, besides, the activities of the religion ends in rumba. As investigators interested me pick up the trajectory, about all because many were greats priest of the lucumi religion and also were great principals of the group of dance and singers of folkloric music as Afrokuba and the Muñequitos de Matanzas», projection by Garcia Velasco 

The population of Jovellanos served as base of investigation, were there settled greats groups of the Rumba, and Garcia Velasco want to continues with her project to the unveil others spotlight in the province.

The encounter singed to with the interpretation in piano and cello of Elvira Santiago and Dayan Mirabal, as honor to Alida Leicea Jimenez, ex president of the association of Rumba women in Matanzas, who died recently. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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