Welcomes Matanzas VII Congress of the Cuban Fancier Federation

Session in Matanzas the VII Congress of the Cuban Fancier Federation and the XXXII Pigeon Show to that level.

The event started since this last Monday  in the hotel Canimao were work committees meet in the paragraphs of sport, statistics, and finance.

In a parallel way its realized the selection of the best pigeon according to their bearing, color and other characteristics that participate in different categories according to the amount of kilometers traveled far and wide of the country, whose last point of competition is La Punta de Maisi, in Guantanamo. The contest include also velocity, half bottom, bottom and grand bottom.

since tomorrow Thursday the public from Matanzas can go to enjoy of the interesting presentation of this winged athletes in the open exposition located in the campus of the Ornithological Association of the city, located in the way down of the Torry bridge.

To the congress attend then maximum authorities of the world fancier ahead by the mister Istvan Bardos, president of of the International Fancier Federation Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal, first vice minister of the communication in Cuba and Jorge Luis Camacho Ramirez, delegate of the associates from Matanzas.

This Wednesday at 2 pm will be chosen the new president of the Cuban fancier federation and its general secretary, while that in the Thursday will be made know the winner breeders of the National Exposition, there in the campus. (ALH)

Taken by Giron.

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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