To travel candidates for deputies economic landmarks and social

The five candidates for deputies to the National Assemble of the Popular Power for the province of Matanzas traveled different center and linked entities to the economic and social develop of the territory.

In the university of Medical Science Dr Juan Guiteras Gener met about the functioning of the house of the higher studies and its paper in the integral formation of the human resources on the different specialties. The candidates interchanged with the students and teachers about the Cuban chosen processes and the challenge of the nation of the actual context.

The journalist included the visit to the University Hospital Surgical Clinic Commander Faustino Perez, from Matanzas, and the dialogue with the health personal, Young and professional experimented of the institution outlined the particularities of the work in the medical attention and the teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate.

In the travel appreciated the transformation of the intensive therapy room, subjected to a capital inversion to improve the condition in the attention of the critical patient. Besides interchanged with workers of the Mipyme Kfe Xpress, that share services in this hospitality center to patients, familiar and medical personal.

In the Pedagogic school Rene Fraga Moreno appreciated the artistic vocation of the new generations and dialogued with representatives of organism and entities of the West Popular Consul of Matanzas. This travel below the candidates get closed the to do of the territory and its particularities in function of narrow the direct link with the people. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Eliane Táboas Merino

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