Publish The book With Text About Haydee Santamaria

There is to defend the life is the tittle of the book that will be represented today in the American Houses of the Havana, a compilation of text about the revolutionary and intellectual Haydee Santamaria (1922-1980).

The piece is a part of the initiatives by the centenary of the Moncada Hero and the Sierra Maestra, as too she was recognized by her link with the assault to that fortress of the dictatorship in Santiago de Cuba, July, 26 of 1953, and as member of the rebels army.

Published by the institution in coedition with the Australian editorial south Ocean, the launch of the text take place this Thursday at 15:00, local hour, in the Che Guevara room of the American Houses, besides with a special number of the magazine of the center dedicate to her foundress.

Also today at 17:00, the house takes the concert Songs to Haydee, of the Vocal Ensemble Moon, under the direction of the teacher Maribel Nodarse; and tomorrow Friday, at 14:00, in the cinema 23 and 12, the cinematheque of Cuba will projected dedicated materials to Yeye, also she were called by the person more closed to her.

The calendar of commemoration began the last October 21 in the inauguration of the exposition the Memory Knitting, a shows of pieces of the collection Art of Our American of the Center.

Its follow the October 25, the presentation of the calendar of 2023 Haydee Santamaria to 100 years of her birthday, in co-edition with South Ocean, that include 12 photos of her and fragment of intervention in different moments of her life.

As a part of the planned actions was inaugurated in the library Jose Antonio Echeverria a bibliographic exposition and documentary that include some personal objects.

The December, 30, day of her onomastic, the Cuban television transmit the documentary Our Haydee, a production of the American Houses, with the direction of the journalist Esther Barroso.

The program will extend in 2023 with concerts of the musician recognized Jose Maria Vitier and Amaury Perez, a special presentation of the National Ballet of Cuba and events dedicated to the fights of the Latin American, also on her tribute.

Haydee Santamaria was born the December 30 of 1922. In the crossroads of the province of Villa Clara, in the center of the Caribbean island, and its hoard copies of personal document that confirmed, assured Jaime Gomez, vice president of that Cuban cultural center, before the existence of publications that indicate hist date of birth on anther day and even in another year. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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