Power up in Union de Reyes Breeding of Buffalo

With the purpose of promoting buffalo breeding in Unión de Reyes, the highest authorities of the territory and AZCUBA workers draw up strategies to promote the local development project.
Buffalo is named after the initiative implemented in the Union territory. Among the purposes of the venture are the sources of employment for the population, as well as the food possibilities it has.
The main specialist of territorial development of the Administration Consul in the province, Yasiel Perez Hernandez, explained the number of available species in the territory.
The buffalo met there is not trade at International Level. The advance of the initiative on the south territory will beneficent the food in the different age groups.
“A lot of benefits will contribute the project of local development, that the population will know in the medium term”, concluded Perez Hernandez. (ALH)
Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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