Red Cub+ acompaña hace 25 años a las personas que viven con el virus

Matanzas guarantees care for people living with HIV

The coordinators, nurses and doctors of the Municipal ITs, HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis Council in Matanzas offer a wide variety of services, among which psychological care and guidance on antiretroviral treatments stand out.

The RedCub+ provincial coordinator reports that the Department, located on Calle San Fernando between San Carlos and San Vicente in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood, is a center free of stigma and discrimination, where anyone can receive support.

“We offer legal assistance services, we also provide adherence counseling, the assistance branch of our center.”

The Center prosecutes its actions so that all people living with the virus receive medical treatment and are accompanied by specialists.

In the Legal Advice session, people can meet with a lawyer in search of guidance, if they consider that some of their citizen rights were violated due to their sexual preference.

The Public Health System guarantees access to antiretroviral treatment free of charge. The country has an HIV and Hepatitis prevention program aimed at the general population. (ALH)

Ernesto Arturo Santana García del Busto

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Casterman Medina de León

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