Leave Delegation from Matanzas of the FEU to his X Congress

With the reason of the celebration of the X congress of the University Student Federation, leave a representation of Matanzas of the organization to the conclave in Havana.

The meeting becomes indicated moment to share the experiences of the students from Matanzas in the last four year, marked by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We arrive to the X Congress after realized the congress at level of brigade, of faculty, of university and also with the students of other nationalities, we picked up the principals concerns and approaches and in the possible measure we were giving to them the solution, said Erennys Carema Sarabia Aguila, principal Student Scientific Magazine Medical Science University of Matanzas.

To the national congress of the organization were 10 delegates whose ultimate purpose result purpose transformation to the ABC of the organization more longevity of Cuba

«The first we must to do is realized substantial guarantees to the modification of the ABC as principal rule of the organization and attend those necessities that are heading mainly on the teaching and the investigation, the labor practice, the study plans and the work location anticipated», commented by Maday Peñas Perez, FEU president in the University of Matanzas.

Peñas Perez narrowed down that this FEU congress its served to rescue the functioning of the organization as to the development of the principals teachers process and investigative, the cultural movement and sports, paused by the Pandemic COVID-19. Meant that they must to modifies inside of the principal status, how to do it more entertaining and more interesting to the student.

The national congress of the FEU happens each four year, the first one happened in March from the 11 to the 13 of 1979 in the theater Lazaro Peña of the Cuban Central Workers in Havana, under the motto:  Try Harder, Try Always, to be each time better students, better revolutionary. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Arleen Dianet Matamoros Morales

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