Develop Festival of interest circle in San Antonio de Cabezas

With the purpose of promote the interesting of the young to the study of military carer elapsed the Festival of vocational formation in the unionense town of San Antonio de Cabezas.

Workers of different specialty of the Deep Minister and the National Police Revolutionary showed to students the educative teachings exercises with can technique, the special troops and the fireman corps.

The ball stadium Eladio Gonzalez was the right place to realized this activities and the sample of the counterintelligence, the DTI and the ranger of keep forest.

We pretend that know in the population the duty that realized the members of the National Police Revolutionary. Few times has been observed the participants so many techniques, so we demonstrate our job and duty to preserve the order tranquility, to to decrease the crime and the people fell safety, explained the lieutenant colonel Armando Garcia Sotolongo boss of vigilance and patrols in the province of Matanzas.

Other techniques included the appear of a drone in the air space of the sport place. With this methods the Cuban coast keeper detected the illegals leaven and the entrance of drugs to the Cuban ground.

Make to the new generations of unionenses on military carer guarantees the relief to safeguard the defense of the country and the preservation of the conqueror of the revolution. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Roxana Valdés Isasi

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