Keep ENCOMED Matanzas weakly deliver of drugs and supply

From de medical product that expand on the network of pharmacy, 138 present deficit and of them, more than 30 controlled by the call big card are on less since the last month.

The antibiotics, antimicrobials and psychopharmacos are outstanding among the deficit products in the network of hospital and Cuban pharmacy in the last month. Of the 651 that compound the national basic square of medical, almost the 70% presented affectationon its existence levels.

The unit from Matanzas of the National Drug Marketing Company ENCOMED, have at its charge the distribution of medicines and drugs in the pharmacy network and care units of the province. For that organize the deliver of 5 circuits that supply to all the territory. An average of 500 bags dispatch at diary, duty that have the 26 workers of the emitting center.

ENCOMED Matanzas assumes the challenge of take to their destiny the different pharmacologist groups. The situation foresees reverse with the productive increase of the national industry, from the arrival of raw materials. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

Acerca Mayara Hernández Infante

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