Concludes XXII International Scientific Congress about agroecology in Varadero

Empowers the jobs of bio-actives with the purpose of substitute imports starting endogenous resources and the innovation of the localities result in a viable way to the food sovereignty and the sustainable development.

Like that during the three journeys of the twentieth second international scientific congress of the national institute of the agricultural science, effected in Varadero between the November, 16 and 18.

The fruitful interchange between investigators of the agricultural science and farmers deepened, through of presentations and magistral conference, in the mains result of the investigation and the advance of the archaeologic projects in the Cubans institution.

The food security and the nutritional education occupied too several symposium.

«In the congress presented 295 jobs, with the presence of more than 30 Cubans company, 13 universities and 28 outsiders delegates from 11 nations by the mod face to face and virtual»stated the doctor in science Yanelis Reyes Guevara, executive secretary of the congress.

Added that one of the fundamental achievements was the presentation of the superior technical carrer in innovation Manager, which will be implemented in the Cubans universities.

In the working day of the Cuban association closure of  technical and farmers engineers and forestry(CATFF) delivered the reward in the young category, relief, technical merit and for the of all life work, this last to the doctor in science Donaldo Morales Guevara, of the INCA.

The commercial expo fair that accompanied the event evidenced the progress of the agroecology linked to the application of the food sovereignty and the continues formation of professional in the sector.

Offered too their products to the public the experimental station of pastures and fodder Indian Hatuey, from Matanzas, the scientific pole of Mayabeque and Labiofam of Santi Spiritus.

Founded by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in 1970, the National Institute of Farm Science(NIFS) its count with more than 5 decades of experiences in the management of knowledge and make synergy among the investigation and the agri-food production.(AGB)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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