Areas of Matanzas revived

To celebrate the 330th birthday of the city of Matanzas, a broad investment and construction maintenance plan is undertaken in order to enhance the image and increase spaces for the population to enjoy.

In the effort to revive the city in view of the anniversary of its founding next October, the works are advancing, among which a photographic hostel run by the Pa’Cuba mipyme stands out.

The recreation area at the Popular Beach Council is in the foundation stage and will form eight concrete letters that read Matanzas with two arches at both ends of the text that will simulate the San Luis bridge.

The work to beautify the three-centennial city of rivers and bridges also includes the completion of the Monserrate complex, the transformations on the banks of the San Juan and the fourth block of the populous Calle Medio. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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