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Annual resume : The best of the sport of Matanzas on 2022 (Part one)

The 2022 finished and several was the competitive contest to the Cuban sport movement, so much inside as outside of the frontiers. To the athletes of Matanzas does´t present the exception as some dues good interesting. The digital redaction of TV Yumuri propose you a close up to the principals milestones of the high performance that filed the headbands of the press.

About featured actuation, sport infrastructure and some looks to the future of the sport from Matanzas versa the next the next annual resume, elaborate under the individual vision of the reporter, without sweeteners fans or egocentric analysis and wrought with the critic sent of a lover of the sports.

Andy Granda and the masculine judo: the best

Andy Granda conquered the gold medal of the more than 100 kg and located to Cuba in the eighth place of the individual tournament of the World Tournament of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, domain contest  by Japan.

This constitute the unique prize to the judo fighter antilleans in liza, after of several journalist without metal. Behind the spectacular gold for Andy, he also from Matanzas and sub monarch of the 2018 Ivan Silva conclude fifth.

The multi tittle panamerican Magdiel Estrada advance to the third round and he was at gates of sneaking among the best eight, but a defeat against the Canadian Arthur Margelidon stop him. Both chosen result among the ten more featured of the year in the Cuban west province.

The quartet of the sport from Matanzas with presence in Tashkent completed by the Columbian Danny Porte, who lost before the south Korean Seungbeon Jeon during his universal debut  debut. Before, stayed bye on the first round of the 60 kg division by the group B.

The city of Cardenas took during the month of April the National Judo Elite Tournament, that its developing in the gym Antonio Nores Fernandez. The girls stay back neither as soon as to good actuation, well Naomi Elizalde(78kg) from Union defeated by ippon Dayana Curbelo and raised the unique tittle of the square from Matanzas on that lid.

The third place also made to take of the tatami his coterraean Dayana Arrieta in the 70kg category. So complete the best actuation of a square yumurina on this events on the last 10 years.

Matanzas conquered from the Flag City the first place of male sex, and the general supremacy with 4 cornas and the same amount of third place, valid to erect the Tatami sport as better individual mod in the territory during the year

Among the disable, Yordani Fernandez(+90kg), of the category J2 ( serious visual disable), finished on the top of the Edmonton Ibsa Pan American Judo Tournament 2022, in Canada Fernandez went up to the most higher of the podium after reaching the fifth place on the World Judo Championship Baku Ibsa 2022.

Diana against the deficiencies 

Five medals in the Panamerican Championship of the discipline and his classification for the Center American and Caribbean Games of the year 2023 was the pay that let this period to the rifle Dianelys Perez, better female athlete of the year in the sport from Matanzas.

The panamerican champ of the rifle of threes position to the distance of 50 meters on the Guadalajara Games 2011, she pretend to get better the actuation of the last Olympic cycle. Perez stayed out of Tokyo 2020 after her condition under the five ring on London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Other Shooter that good now get over to the difficulty with the armament and the ammo is Laina Perez. She joy of a very good aim on her incursion in the gun to 25 meters of the Panamerican Shampionship of sporting shoot and caress Olympic ticket.

However, this one was elusive by the great competition of the American Katelyn Morgan Abeln, who grabbed eventually and remitted to the Cuban to a meritorious silver medal.

Her too from Jaguey. who went the more higher step of the podium in the Panamerican from Lima 2019, three years ago culminated on the place 46 of each modality in the world of sporting shoot of the Cairo, Egypt which it´s serve her as credential to also inspire to the Olympic classification of participate one some of the edition of the coming World Cup.

Handball: Year of redemption to the sport of Matanzas  

One of the discipline inside of the sport from Matanzas with a lot of leadership and ascent on the 2022 was Handball. The team of Matanzas won the final of the Male National Championship of Handball, that have by campus of the havanera Polyvalent Room Ramon Fonst.

The team of Matanzas exceeded 31 goals to 26 to the campus of Granma, with a payroll of good height and talent. Besides, arranged of several juvenile, three members of the Cuban preselection and the reinforcement from Artemisa  Michael Quiñones

Santiago de Cuba, Artemisa and Matanzas, in that order, occupied the three first places on the 58 National Scholar Games in Male.

Others of the Challenges to the handball players from Matanzas was the classification to the 2023 IHF Germany and Greece Junior Men´s World Championship. This same team also reached the ticket to the Intercontinental Cup of the category after the gold medal in the American and Caribbean  Tournament that finished the December, 17 on Mexico City.

Maiko Vazquez who domain the Cuban offensive with 11 goals, helped by his compatriot Ronaldo Almeida and Samuel Cordies both with six. Lazaro Vega(5) has a outstanding input also.

The antilleans count with individuals highlights of several players, include by the way in the team all stars of the lid. The case outstanding resulted that of Maiko Vazquez, who received the awards of best left side and Max annotator of the tournament with 38 targets

Among the female Yarumis Cespedes, Angela Amoros, Diannis and Diancy Gonzalez represented the sport of  Matanzas in foreign contest. Stressed exceedingly their contributions to the female national team with the tittle of the Caribbean Cup, in Dominican Republic, to dispose the host set by 30-10 and make sure the classification to San Salvador 2023.

Cycling to all pedal    

The sport of the connecting road and pedals settled a strenuous 2022, whether it´s on a clue or on a eager road, So much was like that that Claudia Baro from Matanzas prevailed on the track of Santo Domingo Caribbean Cup 2022 to 70 km with time of 1:59.44 hours, identical chrono to the Kelyane Julus de Martinica, but the Photo finish decided the gold of the unique passport to the Pan American Games to the Cuban.

Besides of win the queen proof, Baro got bronze on the time trial. The performance of the novel Aylena Quevedo was the same gratification. Mid of the year and with the Daymelin Perez, razed on the first Caribbean Games from Guadalupe.

Matanzas, with the Havana and Sancti Spiritus excelled by territories. At the same time of the young Ana Carlo Bello, the speeder Thalia Diaz, the scholar Cristian Perez and the para cyclist Jorge Luis Gonzales they also were distinguish.

Members of the national selection won 25 tickets to San Salvador 2023. The same spread in nine tickets on track, six on rout and one on Mountain cycling, with balance between males and females, the cyclist of the sport from Matanzas has a great leadership

Taekwondo, rowing and fight: of individualizes to projection 

At her 20 years old, Dalila Villamil arrived to Guadalajara as one of the Taekwandocas more younger of the Cuban delegation that participated on the last World Championship of this sport

With each condition and facing up her first orb date, Dalila has on her kicks the responsibility of close the actuation of the Biggest of the Antilles from the Aztec ground.

She left airy of difficult combats, well she beat up in the round of 64 to Veronica Vega Bon from Puerto Rico, owner of 23,67 points on the world ordering inside of the 46 kg.

To the Yumurine constituted an positive experience due to her international little blank. Before of the universal lid, just her appeared accredit the crown of the Abierto de La Habanavalid to the 20 units that put her among the 100 bets Taekwandocas of her height.

Mean wile, Natalie Morales Garcia integrated by first time the files of the national team in a foreigner event during the classification to the Center American and the Caribbean of San Salvador 2023.

The yumurine contributed with her shovelfuls to the swag of five tittles, six medals of silver and all the quotas on quarrel. Notable performance of the Antillean delegation got of the meek waters of the Olympic Mexican track Virgilio Urbe.

To her add up other ten rowers of the Territorial Academy, each one already swell the advance on the country.

As well the fight the sporting fight continue without great figures in the sport from Matanzas, amen of gregarious become from Pinar del Rio Yosvany Peña, the trainers of this sport its toil on the immediately projections and the focus to the base.

The realization to finals of the year of the habitual Turcios Lima Cup from the EIDE from Matanzas resume the brios of fight. This modality keep the eye on come back to the stellar plans of Cuba, were shouldn’t never leave. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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