Analyze in Matanzas priorities of the Cuban Women´s Federation

The member of the political bureau of the Party Central Committee and general secretary of the Federation of the Cuban Women, Teresa Amaraelle Boue, preceded a encounter with the member of the organization in the province of Matanzas. During the meeting were analyzed the mains problems, priorities, and challenged of political and ideological works in the actual year.

Amarelle Boue was refer to the importance of work on the characteristic of the communities and the attention to the individuals of each case, to resolve the problems on a efficacy way.

The female talked about the need of make deep the informational of all the process and the creative development of the communication and the science and innovation inside of the FMC.

Among the priorities to 2023 outstanding the increase of the work on the social media by the federates, foment the national program to the development of the women, promote the work and the study among the unlinked laborally and make stronger the square political.

The Federation of Cubans women continues with its duty on function to impulse public politics that favor scan to the female, to sort out the problem that still affect them. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


Acerca Eliane Táboas Merino

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