Agrarian Innovation Workshop held in Matanzas

The headquarters of the agricultural delegation in Matanzas hosted the Agrarian Innovation Workshop for scientists from companies and institutions in the sector in the province. The main objective of the meeting was the constitution of the territorial innovation system and the training of its actors.

The interventions addressed the implementation of the food sovereignty law in the province, how to achieve better results in livestock, better ways of caring for cattle must be studied or how important it is that producers work to preserve animal feed out of season, through better planning of production cycles.

The potential of the province of Matanzas to recover, from within, the production of citrus fruits, and the support of science to solve in practice the deficit of fertilizers or feed stood out among the most commented papers.

The agricultural workshop demonstrated the close link between the University of Matanzas, its headquarters in each municipality and companies in the agricultural sector, as well as the results of research that helps numerous institutions in the territory, such as the Victoria de Girón Agroindustrial Company, in the municipality of Jagüey Grande.

In his speech, Dr.C Agustín Beruvides Rodríguez emphasized the preparation and application of zootechnical additives such as Vitafert, used in pigs since 2007, the results of which denote a considerable increase in the mass of the animal and reduce the amount of feed to be used. both in breeding and fattening pigs.

The house of higher studies from Matanzas recognized several companies in the agricultural sector and the delegation of agriculture in the province for maintaining exchange spaces like these that strengthen the links between science and the field. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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