Unionenses CDR members arrive at Assembly X Congress

After the assembly process at the grassroots and municipal level, the cederistas in Unión de Reyes arrive at the X Congress municipal Assembly with various projections.

Volunteer work, painting the billboards and completing tasks during the first quarter of the year are some of the activities carried out in greeting to the event.

Yoan Alejandro Abascal Plasencia, coordinator of the CDRs, mentioned the actions carried out so far that have allowed the grassroots and zonal organizations to update.

“We continue working on the inclusion of non-CED members and we have the commitment to achieve 96% of the integration of the population by the closing of the municipal assembly,” highlighted Abascal Plasencia.

The basic positions will be completed both in the CDR and in the different zones, and the pre-candidates for members of the intermediate directorates and the delegates to the provincial assembly will be elected.

The month of April will mark the ideal date to discuss the main problems and the new perspectives in pursuit of an organization that is more and more like the communities. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon


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