“Varadero Gourmet” Festival returns after two years of pandemic  

The Plaza América Convention Center in Varadero will host the XII International Festival “Varadero Gourmet” from September 12 to 16 for the exchange between gastronomic specialists from the Cuban state and private sectors.

The main theme of the event, «ecogastronomy», aims to socialize techniques and knowledge that revolutionize food and drink around the world in a healthy and sustainable way.

The event, which also includes clients and academics from the sector, seeks to position Cuba as a growing quality tourist destination with the incorporation of new contemporary trends and the identity of the Island.

Sustainable and healthy gastronomy, cuisine for use, pairings of wines and cigars, chocolate and coffee are among the topics of presentations, workshops and master classes of the national event.

The event is organized by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, the OSDE Cubasol, the Palmares Extrahotelera Company, the Havanatur travel agency and the ITH Marketing company, explains the Girón newspaper.

In 2019, the eleventh edition of the «Varadero Gourmet» took place and it will be this 2022, after two years of pandemic, that the largest resort in Cuba will receive this festival of Cuban gastronomy.

By Anylisec Grau Boffill 

Translated by Gabriela Bringas Hernández

Acerca Gabriela Bringas Hernández

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