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Sweden representative winner of the cocktail bar championship

Andrew Wilson from Sweden was crowned as the great winner of the classic style and best bartender of the year during the final match of the cocktail bar championship based in the Melia hotel International of Varadero.

In this free style, the world championship tittle relapse in the Poland representative Kapcer Smarz. Competitors from other countries as Germany, Italy, Austria, Armenia, Ecuador, Japan, and Portugal got reward  in the different category Armenia was chosen as the best team in competition.

Foto Juanita Perdomo

The competitors challenged the the judge in a challenger showdown about skills  and technicians knowledge of the international cocktail bar as the free style and the classic.

The president of the International Bartender Association(IBA), Giorgio Fadda pondered the spirit of fraternity shown between the participators and guest mean will the days of competition, as well as the warmth seriousness of Cuba and the Melia International Hotel in Varadero as campus of the event that for first time its realized in the Caribbean island. (ALH)

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