Solemn Assembly held in Cárdenas

Convened by its president Mirtha Sánchez González, the IV Ordinary Session of the XVIII Term of Mandate of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Cárdenas began.

The Member of the Central Committee and Chief of the Central Army, General of Division Andrés Laureano González Brito, participates in the meeting; the First Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Party in Cárdenas Zaid Javier Díaz Méndez; the deputies to the Cuban Parliament for the municipality and the Mayor Lázaro Suárez Navarro.

In the session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, the Candidacy Commission for the selection of lay judges is presented and approved.

Likewise, the report of the Permanent Service Work Commission is circulated on the progress of the comprehensive development program in the municipality, based on the eight strategic lines drawn for this purpose.

The Mayor of Cárdenas refers to food production, which is still insufficient in the territory, despite the fact that some plans corresponding to various productive indicators are being met. It emphasizes that the municipality maintains its food receiving character.


At the closing, Zaid Javier Díaz Méndez recognized the respect with which the delegates have directed their criteria regarding the topics discussed.

He also referred to the necessary boost to food production, as well as integrated community work.

He called for savings by energy carriers in both the state and residential sectors given the current situation in the country. (ALH)

Translated by Casterman Medina de Leon

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